The Best of the Moth Tattoo Meaning

To explain it very simply, the moth-tattoo meaning that it brings to mind, would be a bit like this: To call it very simply, would describe it as an insect with artistic design. To understand it more deeply, you'll know that the moth has been called the "chameleon" for a reason: it exudes elegance in its every movement. The "moth" itself is a representation of beauty, perfection, and elegance. And the "tattoo" that one can get for themselves, pretty much speaks of beauty, grace, and perfection. This is why it's pretty safe to assume that the meaning behind moth tattoo is pretty deep.

moth tattoo meaning

Now, to give you a better understanding of the moth tattoo meaning, we have to first try to understand what exactly this animal symbolizes. The metamorphosis of moths is, in fact, a very deep theme in many myths and legends. You might get the sense that you are reading something, or you might get the sense that you're getting a history lesson on it now. In any case, it involves the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, which pretty much says that they are changing and growing into something more beautiful and elegant.

We all might remember (and likely have experienced) the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly. This process is, in fact, one of nature's wonders. But there's more to it than meets the eye: the moth has to go through this metamorphosis. Just like all living things, the moths must go through a metamorphosis. And it might get pretty difficult for some moths, since the process might be a little bit painful and the pain might be so great, that they might just give up during this very painful metamorphosis.

So how do we interpret the metamorphosis of moths? To begin with, we can always take the literal meaning of the insect tattoos. As mentioned before, the moths represent the change and growth of life. In this case, the growth and metamorphosis are symbolic of transformation. And there's nothing wrong about that: if we are talking about moth tattoo meanings, this is something that is absolutely right on the money.

But we can also interpret things differently. As a matter of fact, the metamorphosis of moths in tattoos is also a very common motif in other kinds of tattoos, especially tribal and Celtic tattoos. This motif is also representative of change, growth, and beauty. But what happens when you take these three elements and combine them with moths? Well, the result can be truly beautiful, symbolic, and deeply meaningful!

Let's take the moth tattoo meaning first, starting with the original meaning of the insect itself. Moths are insects which have been domesticated. Sometimes they fly around in our houses and eat up everything we can't see with their little proboscis. These are typically pretty harmless insects, unless you leave something over and have not cleaned it in a while (such as a stack of papers in the bathroom), and then you just see something crawling around in the corner of the room. When that happens, moth tattoo meaning you can pretty much bet that you will be dealing with some kind of an angry, winged creature who will likely cause some destruction to your home or to your belongings.

Now, let's think about the second, third, and fourth main elements of the moth tattoo meaning. Butterflies are one of the most beautiful, colorful, and fascinating insects in the world, and that is what you're getting inked into your skin. You can have butterflies in your natural habitat (a forest, for instance), or you can have them in a different color (like bright blue) that represents what you're feeling at the time.

On the other hand, there are the more subdued, dreary-looking colors that represent what death means to man. Death is a very real concept for many people, so many of these tattoos will be of people, trees, or objects that have recently died. You can find the whole range of moth tattoo meaning, from the cute and cuddly to the downright gruesome, but these are still some of the most common, beautiful, and versatile tattoos that you'll find online.

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